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    Free invitation to make a speech

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    Award Certificate

    For major companies & organizations

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    Media coverage from major

    International Arab TV channels

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    Free invitation to make a speech

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    Award Certificate

    For major companies & organizations

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    Media coverage from

    From major international Arab TV channels


Egypt CSR Day/ Conference & Award

It's a celebration, award and achievement report day to the International and local media. Multinational, local large independent Egyptian & international groups, NGOs, world foundations, donors, press, TV are all invited to celebrate this day. Invitations are free of charge; Egypt CSR Day is sponsored & organized by ACT CSR. The exclusive CSR Advertising & PR Agency of Egypt. All companies & foundations will be awarded a certificate of CSR & SR achievement. Most of the companies & foundations will be invited for a speech and a presentation of achievement in front of the media for 30 minutes including interaction with the press, media and audience. Egypt CSR Day will be on the From 9am to 6pm including 2 Coffee Breaks: Invitation upon rules & regulations. Please contact us to get your VIP invitation & pass to the conference from our office.


Why Egypt CSR Day

Egypt CSR Day brings together CSR-based organizations and associated companies that share the same vision of promot- ing CSR & social responsibility in Egypt. It provides support to those organizations and its members in order to encourage CSR & SR practices within other Egyptian companies and foun- dations.

The aim of Egypt CSR Day is to advance local awareness, social justice, human rights and humanitarian development by focusing on CSR practices of campaigns & implementations of NGOs and non-profit organizations that inspire activism, compassion and social transformation.

Why attend?

  • Participate in an event that promotes the sharing of best practices, as well as opportunities for partnerships and scaling and presenting CSR programs
  • Explore ways to develop more strategic CSR & SR initiatives, aligning “doing good” with business objectives
  • Engage with experts and colleagues to find more value for both the business and your respective communities
  • Gain valuable insights to help you stay up-to-date of the latest trends and developments that are shaping the future of business and society within the CSR and SR field
  • Join the elite group of companies/organizations that will be nominated for the prestigious Egypt CSR Day certificate award of achievements


Conference Topics:

Egypt 2015 –The CSR Innovation Impass, Is In CSR Egypt Uptodate, Effective & Innovative?

Women Abuse, Illness, Poverty, Development, Green, Education, Climate Change & Health

Sub Themes:

Innovation.. Are we Ready ?
CSR Innovation Case Studias.
What Others Do ?
Measuring CSR & SR success
CSR in the crisis context (Egypt 2015)
Corporate Social Responsibility & Human Rights
Transparency and Accountability in Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility - Is it a Mask?
NGO Sustainability - Transfer of Skills from Business Sector to NGOs


Invited Media:

TV Channels: Nile Life, Nile Comedy, Nile Cinema, Rotana Masreya, Al Nahar, ONTV, Al Mehwar, Al Arabiya

Press: Nisf Al Donia, October, TV & Radio, Sabah Al Kheer, Horiaty, Al Watan Al Araby, Community Times

How to get the best from the existing media

We want your message to fly

We will have a Media Lounge fully dedicated for your media relations. You will get to meet the media & press.

  • It gets your message across to all NGOs/foundations and CSR developers
  • It provides free publicity and exposure for your organization SR achievements, future SR projects and news
  • It will help establish your organization as "genuine" in the CSR field, and its activities as important or notable to new potential CSR partners
  • It will increase your company/foundation profile among other NGOs, foundations, general public and among decision makers and VIPs
  • It can sway/shape opinions by making potential partners/SR foundations thinking positively about your organization after hearing positive news coverage of your SR programs
  • It supports new CSR programs & activities which need donors/partners–it will be easier to contact potential donors & partners if new programs names appear in the media
  • It differentiates your CSR role from competitors– gives a chance for your company representative to focus around that issue
  • It supports new strategy for those who are looking to highlight their organizations as leaders in the CSR field and to highlight the future value of their SR rolein the community
  • It increases perception of size of medium NGOs/SR organizations when they get same prime comment as large NGOs/world foundations on a front page article, the automatic perception is that yourorganization is larger than it is
  • It helps you to explain complex concepts of CSR –conveying your message through an article or interview by highlighting your NGO/organization/foundation SR roles and achievements



Hatem Salem



Randa Hussain

Founder Assistant


Mohamed Mohiy

Digital Technical Logistics

Get Ready}


(A) 2 senior persons
free of charge
  • To be approved by Egypt CSR Day Committee, 2 representatives from your company and organization will be invited to give a 20 minutes speech upon rules and regulations of the conference
  • Including 2 Coffee Breaks & Lunch
  • Award certificate
  • Access to the press coverage lounge (interviews) with the media
(B) Extra Attendance
  • Cost per person External Attandance - 250 LE
  • Cost Per Person Student Attandance - 150 L
  • Cost of branded table of 8 persons – 4800 LE
  • Cost of branded table of 10 persons – 5800 LE
  • 10% sales taxes

Book Now
Send Your Request, Your Biography, The Topic & Films Of Your Presentation at:
call us at: 22405333(10 lines ) for coordination

These charges are not obligatory at all. Only companies & organizations who want to attend with a larger representation of their team will kindly be invited to pay the attendance fees and must be accepted by Egypt CSR Day committee.

143-145 El Hegaz St. - Heliopolis- Cairo- Egypt.,
E-mail: info@actcsr.com

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